A Demand for Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry on Demand

People are generally drawn to cosmetic dentistry by a desire to improve the appearance of their smile. Dr. Clara Nguyen is here to guide her patients through the process of creating a stunning smile. Treatment can be as simple as turning stained or discolored teeth sparkling white again, or as involved as dental implants or cosmetic braces. Most people dream of their ideal smile without realizing it is a very real possibility. Dr. Nguyen is the Cypress dentist to see when it is time for a positive change.

Time to Smile

A person sees their smile in the mirror everyday. When they are not happy with what they see, it can cause serious self-esteem issues and affect overall confidence. This is one reason there is such a demand for cosmetic dentistry. As technologies advance, procedures that were once cumbersome and time consuming can be completed in relatively no time at all. The services offered by Dr. Clara DDS can turn a patient’s frown upside down. After the first visit, Dr. Nguyen will develop a treatment plan that leads to new and improved smiles.

  • Teeth Whitening transform smiles by erasing years of staining and discoloration. One session can make a noticeable difference in brightness. It is recommended that the first treatment be done in office, but further treatments can be prescribed so the patient can continue the whitening process at home.
  • Sealants may not seem cosmetic in nature, but can actually help maintain a bright smile for 5 – 10 years. Teeth with deep grooves and that are prone to tooth decay are treated with sealants. The sealant is applied to clean teeth to keep bacteria and food particles from damaging teeth. The sealant also prevents staining caused by food and drinks.
  • Pinhole Surgery is a procedure that corrects receding gums. Many people struggle with unsightly and uncomfortable gum recession. A pinhole is made with a special dental appliance which allows Dr. Nguyen to reposition gums without resorting to a graft. Smiles abound when everything is back in place thanks to Pinhole Surgery.
  • Six-Month Smiles is a version of orthodontics created with adults in mind. The braces are not meant to correct serious issues, but rather align the teeth that are visible. The braces are clear and the wire is tooth colored, so they are not obvious to everyone. Since the procedure is geared toward mild to moderate corrections, treatment is usually 4-9 months.
  • Dental implants are the most natural looking tooth replacement option available. One tooth, or many teeth can be replaced with implants. Implants allow the patient’s natural teeth to stay in place, creating a healthier smile. The strength of implants are comparable to natural teeth since they are incorporated into the jawbone, so they may even last a lifetime without needing replacement.

Take the First Step

Dr. Nguyen and her dedicated staff are here to answer questions. Cosmetic dentistry is in demand because people are ready to embrace a new chapter in life with their new and improved smile. Dr. Clara DDS in Cypress, CA is waiting to help patients discover what they have been missing when looking in the mirror.

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