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Dr. Clara is extremely professional, kind, and personable! Having a good dentist is one thing, but having a dentist that you can comfortably express all of your concerns to makes all the difference.

One incident, I had contacted her with an emergency that I was having while at work on a Saturday, which is her day off. I was having extreme sudden pain on one tooth and it began to throb unbearably. I contacted her, and explained my situation. She was so helpful and allowed me to come in during non-office hours to take a look at it, take x-rays, and diagnose the issue. She told me what was wrong, gave me a suggestion to ease the pain, and we took care of it during regular business hours a few days after. I was literally freaking out, but she was there for me.

Based on my experience and other reviews, I can tell she cares about each and every patient which proves what a wonderful dentist she is! Thank you for being so dedicated! A+++++++++

Christine M.

Dr. Clara is superb dentist! I had a dental emergency and she was kind enough to see me during non-office hours.

A good portion of my front tooth chipped off and I was frantic because I had an out of town trip planned the next day. Dr. Clara saved the day and was kind enough to accommodate me with an after-hours appointment. She was thorough in her explanation of the likely reason for my chipped tooth and patient in answering all my questions. She explained step-by-step what she was going to do to fix it–she was going to do a temporary repair so that I could go on my trip without an essentially missing tooth. Dr. Clara was gentle throughout the procedure and she was careful to make sure my bite was properly aligned. She was also clear in explaining to me what I needed to do to ensure proper care for the emergency fix until I had time for a more permanent crown placement. And most importantly, the fixed tooth looked great!

So the silver lining to my recent dental mishap is that I found a first-rate dentist! I’ll definitely be back to Dr. Clara for my crown and all other dental needs. Needless to say, I highly recommend Dr. Clara! My experience with her was absolutely perfect!

Theresa T.

Just got my teeth cleaned today for the first time here with Dr. Clara. I’m beyond happy with her work and her staff.

From the moment I walked in, staff was very welcoming and friendly. Office is clean. They also play awesome music.

Dr. Clara is really nice and walks me through the whole process. She was super attentive to things that worried me like me having sensitive gums, so she was gentle and reassured me the whole time, constantly letting me know what she’s doing, why she’s doing what she’s doing, and how it will benefit. I can really appreciate a doctor who’s passionate about what it is she does, and it really shines through. It definitely put me at ease.

This was the most thorough cleaning I’ve ever had and afterwards I’ve never seen my teeth so white just from a routine check up and cleaning! I wonder what it would be like if I actually whitened them!

I highly recommend Dr. Clara, she will really make you feel right at home.

Amy T.

I recently got a much needed deep cleaning here…and I can finally say that I no longer fear the dentist!

Dr. Clara is so sweet and knowledgeable. I was really embarrassed to come in because my teeth had been neglected for a while (2 years?) since my last dentist was a true terror. Dr. Clara did an exam and showed me what we needed to fix and we decided on a deep clean.

The hygienist really took her time and got all the plaque out. She was super gentle considering what had to be done. My soreness was gone by the next day. I feel so much better now that my teeth are clean and shiny. Thank you to Dr. Clara and her team for my beautiful smile!

Tiffany N.